Right: Xavier Custodio- Artistic Director

Center: Yajaira Custodio- Associate Artistic Director

Left: Johnathan Nieves- Associate Artistic Director 

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Visión Latino Theatre Company seeks to break down racial boundaries and to open the minds of audiences to latino struggles and perseverance through theatre

Visión Latino Theatre Company, Latinos with a Vision, located in Chicago, IL, was founded in August of 2014 by Xavier Custodio, Yajaira Custodio, and Johnathan Nieves. The theatre company was created when the Co-Founders were working on a production called "In The Heights" and they saw there was a need for Latino Artists to be able to celebrate their culture and share the struggles and perseverance of latinos.  In September of 2015 Visión Latino had their Inaugural Show & Midwest Premiere with the play  "Yellow Eyes" by Migdalia Cruz. On April 22, 2016 Visión Latino Theatre Company became a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Organization. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Visión Latino Theatre Company, Latinos with a Vision, brings awareness to Latinos past, present, and future through storytelling.

who we are

"Latinos with a vision"

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Visión Latino Theatre Company's supporters believe in the Vision of VLTC. If you would like to part of our growing family please consider supporting the vision. Visión Latino is a Not-for-profit 501(C)3 Organization, which means all donations are tax deductible (Donate Today).