A Midwest Premiere of Migdalia Cruz’s Yellow Eyes

September 4, 2015 through  September 20, 2015
Chicago Dramatists 1105 W. Chicago Ave
Featuring Visión Latino Co-Founders: Yajaira Custodio & Johnathan Nieves


Yellow Eyes tells a story of a young woman who walks the streets of the South Bronx at the risk of danger. Friendship does not so easily come in a social labyrinth where racial tension is accompanied with harassing and bodily assaults. The only safe place for Isabel is her great grandfather's home. He possess the knowledge and wisdom that makes her proud of her cultural heritage. After learning that she is the daughter of three races- Taíno, African, and Hispanic, Isabel is empowered to articulate her diasporic identity and to wisely handled her racially mixed circle of friends.